Our philosophy is based on four essential factors constituting our overall concept:

1. Modern: Not only do we keep up with developments in dentistry, we advance them. We use the latest methods, not limiting ourselves to established practice, but taking advantage of the most recent advances in dental science including treatment, materials and equipment. Expect Ankylos Cell Plus® Implants, Lava™ and Cercon™ crowns, Cold light power bleaching + Quick White™ etc.

2. Transparent: An well-informed patient is a happy patient and therefore keeping you informed of your current status, your treatment possibilities and their alternatives is a fundamental cornerstone of our philosophy . Therefore expect free check-ups and X-rays in our clinic.

3. Problem based: As every patient has their own preferences regarding their treatment plan, we focus on meeting your expectations in terms of treatment, timing and budget

4. Personal treatment: It is the basis of all trust. We know it’s important to feel secure when it comes to medical care. As an international clinic we offer our services in ENGLISH, GERMAN, FRENCH, ITALIAN, SPANISH, CATALAN and DUTCH.