We distinguish between home-bleaching and in-office-bleaching.

For home bleaching a customised splint is made to which the patient applies a bleaching gel before wearing it every night for a week.

By contrast, in-office bleaching involves applying the gel directly to the teeth, making it possible to individually vary the desired colour (e.g. whitening some teeth or areas of a tooth more than others if necessary). The effect is enhanced by light activation which can either be by UV-light (conventional bleaching), special LEDs (cold light) or Laser (hot light).

Conventional bleaching requires about 3-4 one-hour sessions to achieve a visible result.

Boosting your smile by about 4-6 shades is possible in only 1 single session using hot or cold light bleaching.

With hot light (Laser) sensitiveness and nerve reactions are very frequent.

This can be avoided by using cold light bleaching as exclusively used in our clinic.

We use Zoom™ (Philipps), a unique bleaching product that gives convincing results even with tetracycline stained teeth.

The results are impressing, the procedure is maximum effective and thus harmless for your teeth.