Root canal treatment implies eliminating tissues of the root canal, widening it and finally sealing it aseptically with gutta-percha (a herbal material).

The long term success of a root canal treatment is predominantly determined by precise preparation of the conducts.

To achieve this, we use a mechanical procedure with special nickel-titanium files, Protaper™, which are highly flexible compared to conventional files thus making it possible to work even curved canals.

Additionally we use the latest generation electronic Apex localizer, Raypex 5 ®, to determine the precise length of a conduct as X-rays are only of a 2 dimensional projection and they may give false information, especially in the case of curved roots.

Apex localizers measure the electric resistance of canals and in this way manage to give accurate results, as well as reducing radiation exposure.

We seal conducts with Thermafil™, a thermoplastic material which is heated in an oven, so that it can later be moulded precisely to the shape of a conduct, sealing even secondary conducts that cannot even be spotted by X-rays.