Composites are nowadays very convincing in regards to aesthetics and mechanical properties so they have literally replaced the use of amalgams.

There still remains the issue of linear polymerisation-shrinkage which over time can cause the filling margins to come off and cause unperceived secondary caries which may even end up in root canal treatment.

This is especially the case if fillings are very wide.

Ceramic In- and Onlays are processed in a laboratory and are long term dimensionally stable giving security in respect to secondary caries. They make it possible to restore even greater defects which would cause food impaction if they were to be restored by composites.

Additionally In- and Onlays are luted adhesively on the defect, in this way reinforcing the tooth and making it possible to restrain the preparation limiting ourselves simply to the affected area.
By a mere fusion of restoration and the affected tooth itself we achieve invisible fillings offering optimum esthetics and longevity.